The B&D arms are designed for different areas: dental, medical, hospital, entertainment, industry, office and home.

B&D produces articulated and fixed arms, that support computer monitors, tv, Pc, or cameras. B&D offers its services to both privates and companies with a wide range of articles also tailor-made to suit every kind of application: wall, ceiling, floor, on a pole and in any situation you need it, both in hospitals and shops, or even in your bedroom.

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Articulated Monitor, Tv and Pc arms

Fixed Monitor and PC arms

Articulated Camera arms

Articulated and fixed Tray arms

Lamps arms

Lampe arms

Microscope arms

Microscope arms

Special arms


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Bracci fissi o articolati per monitor e Pc, portatavoletta o portatelecamera.


Fixed or Articulated arms for monitor and Pc, Camera and Tray arms

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