To allow the application of the different arms, B&D produces several devices which make possible the application in any situation:

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Wall mount holder

The application system is robust and with a range of over 120 kg, and is aesthetically very gracious and professional.

The application can be used in both directions (above and below), is scheduled for pivots of 35 mm diameter and is equipped with a bearing in advanced materials to facilitate the rotation. The system includes two possible solutions for the retention of the pivot, one of which can also be used as a clutch for the rotation. The attachment has three fixing points with a cover system for the screws.

Applicazione a parete Wall mount holder
Wall mount dimension

Clamp pole holder

This applications can be used with all the arms with a 35mm diameter pivot; is produced in two versions with two different aesthetic and in four different sizes:  40-45-50-55-60-65 mm that allows you to adapt it to poles of different dimensions.

Clamp pole holder
clamp pole holder dimension

There is a third special version that doesn't has a clamp but a flat face that can be used to fix arms on every kind of flat surfaces.

Ceiling holder

Ceiling holder has a capacity of over 200 kg and are designed for arms with a pivot of a diameter of 35 mm.Are composed by a double plate to fit ceilings that are not perfectly perpendicular and have a simple adjustment system.

The ceiling application is available in all RAL colors and in two versions: with or without toroidal transformer up to 150 W and provides the connection for several external devices (lamps, monitor or PC) and their grounding.

The application is provided with an aluminum column of a diameter of 60 mm that is lightweight, strong and easy to cut, adaptable to every need in length.

The columns are equipped with a bearing in advanced materials for the rotation of the pivot but also with an effective system of limitation of this rotation.

These columns are available in two standard lengths (1300 - 1700mm) or on request.

Celing holder dimension

Floor holder

The B&D floor holder is characterized by a modern and professional line.

Is provided by a system that garantee the perfect verticality of the column allowing you to adapt to uneven floors.

Is equipped with an aluminum column with a diameter of 60 mm and 1700 mm in length that can be modified on request; the column is arranged for arms with 35mm diameter pivot. 

The fixing of the application to the floor is made possible with four anchorage points.


Table application

The B&D table application has a modern and attractive, it comes complete with a standard 50 column customizable with a housing for pivot 35mm rotation.
A easy system for perpendicularity adjusting and two mounting holes make it easily usable on any surface

Table application

Mobile support with pole

The mobile support on wheels has a compartment designed to contain electronic devices is particularly suited to mount microscopes and cameras arms with less than 8 KG.
The mobile support includes a column of length 170 cm, with the top adapted for pivot of diameter 35mm, designed to accommodate any kind of B&D arms.
A limitation of the rotation and a comfortable handle make the stand especially well suited for use in medical environments.

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